BURS Head Quarters Development - Jan 2013 to May 2019 (On going)
Bring the Tax Collection to CBD
Project Value more than P 450 million

BURS HEAD OFFICEThe new headquarters for the Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS) is a high-quality office development. The accommodation comprises four linked office blocks ranging in height from 4 to 8 floors. The main block incorporates a banking hall with revenue facilities and the development includes 3 levels of basement car parking. The total cost of the development is in excess of P 450 million. The project was implemented in two phases, advanced earthworks contract, followed by the main building construction contract, which is due to be completed by March 2019. The major challenges were the numerous specialist sub-contracts that had to be tendered under the main contract and the subsequent financial administration of those subcontracts, financial control of contract instructions and administration of contractor’s claims for fluctuations prices. The anticipated final cost of the construction contract is currently within the Employer’s approved budget.

We are proudly Quantity Surveyors and Cost Managers for this Prestige Project and Managed by Our Director Paul

We also Quantity Surveyors for the Elegant Y2K Offices high standing next to BURS in CBD occupied by Ministry of Youth, sports and Cultural

BURS Head Quarters Development
Y2K Offices


iTowers Development in CBD - Jan 2010 to Dec 2018 Changing the Gaborone City Landscape to high-rise Project Value more than P 500 million

iTower developmentThe iTowers Development Scheme is over P 500 million valued private development project initiatives in the new CBD, comprising Twin Towers with a link Hub building developed by Overseas Development Enterprises together with Tredinnick Botswana in vertical city concept. The project includes fitting out works for offices, residential apartments, Room-50-Two Hotel and Table-50-Two roof top restaurant costing in excess of P70 million, managed within the main construction contract and/or as separate fitting out contracts. The twin towers of this private development are 18 and 27 floors respectively and the tallest building in Botswana, which romantically change Gaborone City Landscape.

The construction posed numerous challenges, namely progressive sectional completion, including handover of residential and retail spaces, with owners taking occupation and either operating out of or living in their units. It required careful cost planning and budget control to meet the Client’s fixed budget, which was determined by the pre-selling of units before construction. Thus, cost planning and estimating accuracy was critical for the financial success of the development. Cost planning and reporting was by means of spreadsheets producing ‘tailor-made’ reports, tables and charts. Tender documents were carefully prepared to reflect where work was to be carried out within partially operational areas, selecting best options to carry out the work; by directly appointed specialist firms executing quality work, giving ‘value for money’. Completion phases in Tower II comprising fitting out works were carried out on a management contract basis with several directly appointed contractors to achieve client’s specific requirements and goals. Simplified cost reporting providing ongoing cost review to manage the completion phases with several contract by ‘live’ updating of final costs. The specific PPS system employed to manage all Contractors, Consultants and suppliers’ payments in a single data base avoided any payment delays. Although Tower 1 was completed on time (May 2013), Tower 2 Contract was delayed by more than six months (Sep 2016). Final stages of fitting out of facilities completed recently (Dec 2018) However, the project completed within the revised budget and the Employer was fully satisfied with entire cost management and cost control of the project.

We are proudly Quantity Surveyors and Cost Managers for this Prestige Project and Managed by Our Directors Sasi and Brian

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