Our Specialisations

Paul Bante

Paul Bante (Paul) has experience in Project Management being part of the Project Management Team for Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) Design and Build and Botswana Unified Revenue Services Projects and also carries out Technical Audit in Projects for Debswana Jwaneng Mine. Currently Lead Project Manager for BDC Development Projects. He is PRINCE2® Practitioner in Project Management

Brian Davey

Brian Davey (Brian) has many years of experience with the FIDIC Conditions of Contract and they have represented Government/BIUST in respect of Arbitration and dispute adjudication proceedings (DAB). Brian has been a Dispute Adjudication Board member, for two years, in respect of major disputes on two building contracts and successfully complete FIDIC training models. He is Trained RICS Accredited Mediator "ACRC"


Arumugam Sasitharan (Sasi) has wider experience in Contract Administration and Project Monitoring earned during his days in Government of Botswana especially Boipelego Education Project CJSS/Brigades massive expansion projects and PIC Primary School Backlog Eradication Projects. He also assists Project Managers / Principal Agents in all aspects, especially in expenditure vs time to highlight progress and delays and whole project payment management by PPS System. He also participated actively development of QS Profession in Botswana and he has been elected as Chairman for Quantity Surveyors’ Registration Council (QSRC), the regulatory body established in terms of the Quantity Surveyors’ Registration Act, 2013.